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The only thing missing is the John Deere Tractor at the gas pump during this 'stampede'

This Cowboy came to visit and his horse figured he could come visit too!

Want to know about Oak City?

We have one official "store" in town which is my store. There is one official "beauty salon/barber shop" on Center and about 50 West owned by Callisters. We had one official "cafe" called Granny's, but alas had to close due to lack of patrons.

Mayor and Town Council members are part time helpers paid for their meetings only. Every member of town usually wears multiple hats. The mayor probably has a full time job, works as Mayor and probably is on the volunteer fire department. I run the store, am co-commander of our CERT , and am also a Red Cross volunteer.

Since the City's inception in the late 1800's there has always been at least one general store in operation. The Oak City region, including several farm communities located nearby, has approximately 250 households with 1000 individuals. Outside of the local patrons, visitors come from all around. There is an entrance to Fish Lake National Forest and improved campground located 2 miles from us. Our store is on the only road into and out of the National Forest. The next closest store is about 15 miles away in the City of Delta. The outlying area has new housing developments taking place with new families moving into the market each year. Other recreational activities include fishing, hunting, and ATV trails through the mountains and a section of the sand dunes known as Little Sahara State Park.

Every Memorial Day the Lyman Family prepares the Edward Partridge Memorial Breakfast. Our town will double in size for this even and many of those are the Lyman's and all their offspring.

The third week of August each year the Town hosts a 2 day even called Oak City Days. It has been known as ward days and homecoming in the past. That is kicked off with a parade on Friday evening followed by an ice cream social and a program. There will also be various competitions such as a Rook tournament. The next day many will pull together to prepare for a town lunch that will feed over 1000 people. There will be craft booths and kids games as well as adult fun throughout the day and ending with a dance under the stars with music by our local band The Moonlighters.

Every Christmas Eve the town will hold a Christmas program and Santa Clause will come and talk with the kids. All in all, our little town is a little slice of old America.

This information from the US Cencus 2000
  • The population of Oak City is approximately 650.
  • ( increase 63 over 1990!)

  • The approximate number of households is 191.
  • The amount of land area in Oak City is .7 sq. Miles.
  • The amount of surface water is 0 sq Miles.
  • The distance from Oak City to Washington DC is 2003 miles.
  • The distance to the Utah state capital is 103 miles. (as the crow flies)
  • Zip Code 84649

  • State Utah UT

  • Area Code 435

  • County Name Millard

  • Latitude 2

  • Longitude -112.33

  • Elevation 5135

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